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30 things that life experience has taught me that I want young women to know…

1. No means no. If you say it, mean it and stand by it.
2. If he is really into you, you won’t have to chase him.
3. People respect you less when you don’t stick to your boundaries.
4. Set boundaries!!!
5. You will lose friends and guys you like when you set boundaries.
6. You will also connect with more people with integrity and substance when set boundaries.
7. It really is okay to cry.
8. You are bigger than your family of origin.
9. And don’t sell out the people who you love.
10. Love yourself first.
11. Be slow to attack and quick to make amends.
12. Grudges hurt you more than the other person.
13. Don’t beg to be accepted by others.
14. If you have to work very hard and remain docile to be accepted by certain people, those aren’t the people for you.
15. Don’t move in with a man before you have lived on your own.
16. Don’t be in a rush to settle down. Take your 20’s to learn and explore who you are.
17. If he hits you, leave him or shoot him. Whichever one is the most convenient and/or will keep you out of jail.
18. Life will never be fair. It will just be.
19. Use condoms, regardless of how much you trust him.
20. Don’t ever let him take you to a cheap motel. If you really mean something to him, he’ll pay the price.
21. You will get your heart broken.
22. You will recover from it.
23. Think for yourself and stand in your own convictions, even if no one else agrees with you.
24. Learn how to think.
25. If he doesn’t open the door for you on the first date and he wasn’t born in a different country with different customs, consider it a red flag.
26. Be willing to walk away if you are unhappy.
27. Be willing to stay if it is worth it.
28. Know when it is worth it.
29. Know your own worth.
30. Know the sun never sets, even in the darkest times.


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