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Questions Every Artist Struggling with Discouragement and Bitterness Should Ask Themselves…

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Oftentimes when artists are bitter about their dreams not being realized, it’s not because they didn’t have opportunities, it’s because they didn’t take them. So here are some questions every artist (or anyone pursuing a goal) who is struggling and feeling bitter may want to ask themselves…

Are you doing all you can to reach your goal? When you get off work, do you “hit the pavement” or do you just end up sleeping, watching television, losing time browsing the Internet? Do you have a plan? What sacrifices are you willing to make while maintaining integrity?

Are you making calls, getting out in the street, saving money to go to that event that’ll get you just a little closer? Are you investing in yourself? Taking classes, courses? Do you practice daily? If not, why not?

Do you jump from one project to the next? Abandoning the previous one when it doesn’t do what you want it to do when you want it to do it? Do you start writing that book when you have a burst of energy, only to stop when the initial excitement fades?

Do you have a strategy in place to deal with discouragement, disappointment, things all artists (and almost everyone) will inevitably face on a regular basis? Are you trying to make it happen from a place of comfort? Would you have a better chance if you left the city? What are you doing to leave the city? Are you saving up? Getting your health in order? Arranging a place to stay?

Are you putting yourself in situations that will make it harder for you to succeed? Are you in your early 20’s wanting to sing, act, dance, see the world but are also trying to get married and settle down with someone whose goals are in total opposition of your own? Thankfully, we live in a time now where having children doesn’t mean a person (especially a woman) has to park their artistic dreams, but without support, it can make it more difficult. Certainly not impossible, but tougher. So to young women just starting out, please take this in. Falling in love can distort perceptions, once that feeling takes over, for a while, nothing else seems to matter. That’s nature doing what it is supposed to do to ensure we continue to exist. Know that, understand that and think before you put yourselves in situations that yield a permanent result.

More questions to ask – Did you just get a job that gives you a sense of comfort and but is actually inflexible and extremely demanding, robbing you of your time that you can be accomplishing your goals? Did you take on another side project to “get you there” but it has now become a full monster of its own draining you of your time?

How’s your credit? If you needed to borrow a little bit of cash to finance something, could you? If your credit is not on par, what are you doing to fix it?

Are there people in your life who do not support you? Are you hanging on to the hope that they will a little too tightly? What are you really doing? Are you really going for it or do you only go for it on the days you feel inspired? Questions to ask, questions to answer.

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