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Why You Cannot Fix Yourself with a Broken Mind…

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” You cannot fix yourself with a broken mind.”

This is something my Life Coach told me a couple of years ago that I have never forgotten. I am very much into personal healing and self-growth and I know first hand that it is difficult to do on One’s own, especially just starting out.

Many people I have met who have told me that they “facilitate themselves” without any type of training and guidance are usually bluffing. I am not saying that they have not attempted and not had some success, but usually it is not as beneficial as they would hope it is. Wanting to “fix Oneself” without any type of guidance, vetted tools, or support usually comes from a place of fear – fear of being exposed, fear of being vulnerable, fearing of facing what haunts One the most.

Are their people who have been able to successfully do this? I am sure there are, but that is usually an exception rather than the norm. How do you know? Usually their actions are not congruent with their words. Usually what they tell you, their philosophies and creeds on how they function are projections of who they want to be.

But watch how they show up when conflict arises. I am not saying that people who have guidance do not mess up, but the recognition, the awareness and the recovery time is usually quicker and cleaner.  A person who really does “work on themselves” usually has no desire to harbor anything that can be resolved. People who are “pseudo conscious” usually shut down, check out, or do something that is in complete violation of the relationships they claim to cherish and then attempt to blame some one else for their actions. There is a degree of irrationality that cannot be penetrated from the outside because they are not only hijacked by Ego, but closed off from support and perspective.

People on the true path to consciousness fall off and probably off often, but they seldom close themselves off and if they do, it is only temporary and only to regroup so that they feel more equipped to face their demons.

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