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Finally! My Website is Up! How I was reminded of a little thing called perseverance…

Well, after much stumbling and tripping,  I was finally able to launch very own website www.deaaralewis.com.  Currently it is just one “coming soon” page, but I am very, very proud.  I never thought I would learn CSS.  It always seemed overwhelming to me and I thought I didn’t have enough time.  But truly one of the best ways to learn something really is to just do it.

So, what will www.deaaralewis.com be about I bet you are wondering?  Well, it is going to be the central point for all of my projects, past and present as well as an overview of who I am.  I will also be premiering “The People Inside My Head” in the next couple of months, so my site will have all of the information about that.

Just wanted to let you all know and thank all of you who have supported me over the years!  XOXOXOXO

– DeAara


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