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The Witch Hunt on Chris Brown’s Soul Part II

3. Claim: Rihanna is a role model for young girls, whether she likes it or not.

Rebuttal: Rihanna sings about committing suicide, liking S&M, being able to handle large penises and having oral sex performed on her.  What parent in their right mind would advocate for her to be a role model?  That’s a title she has debunked many times too.  She has made it very clear that she wants to and will be herself, regardless of the consequences or what the public thinks.

4. Claim: Chris Brown is an abuser.

Rebuttal: Out of all the jabs being aimed at Chris Brown, this one annoys me the most.  The most widely accepted definition for an “abuser” is someone who does something habitually.

How Chris Brown responded in that situation was very, very deplorable.  He did in fact abuse Rhianna.  But does that make him what he did?  No!  And most media outlets are aware of this.  That is the power of language.  Certain words incite certain images and certain ideas.  When most people think about an abuser, they probably think about some drunk who has no remorse and who beats on his helpless wife or girlfriend at any given opportunity.  So when the media uses the word “abuser”, they know damn well what they are doing.  It is a deliberate attempt to continue to show this man as rage-filled woman beater and that is not a fact.

I wish when media outlets talk about this, that they acknowledge the entire story.  Acknowledge that he had never hit Rhianna prior to this (although it is widely rumored that she has hit him on a number of occasions prior to that night and Chris Brown’s attorney indirectly referenced it on Larry King Live).  Acknowledge that he admitted that he was wrong (which most “abusers” seldom do).  Acknowledge that he went and got help (which most “abusers” seldom do).  Acknowledge that he has not hit or attacked a woman since (which most “abusers” seldom do).  Acknowledge that he was praised by the judge who handled the case for him stepping up and doing what was required of him (which most “abusers” seldom do).  Why won’t mainstream media acknowledge these very important facts?

Furthermore, Chris Brown routinely said, “I apologize for my part.”  That tells me something.  That tells me that there is more to the story than what has been told to the public.  I don’t know what that is, but I find it hard to believe that a man who has never hit a woman before in his life would then suddenly attack her arbitrarily.  Chris Brown has refused to discuss the details of that night.  Rhianna cited the issue being a text message he received from another woman.

I’ve been in a relationship where infidelity was suspected and I know how heated it can get.  I know the feelings of rage I felt when I found evidence that my ex had been unfaithful.  I could see how he felt backed into a corner and tried to drop it, but I wouldn’t let it go.  And I know how violent it can turn pretty quickly on both people’s parts.

And a further indication that situations like that aren’t so black and white is Eminem’s song, “Love the Way You Lie” which went on to be extremely successful largely due to the song’s lyrics.  More people get it than will admit.  Violence is violence, whether it is towards a man or a woman.  And men may be stronger, but it does not mean they can not be physically hurt.  I think people forget that.  Abuse can swing both ways.

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