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The Witch Hunt on Chris Brown’s Soul Part I

(This is a 4 part series)

I had gone back and forth on whether or not I was going to blog about this.  But as I kept reading these so-called experts so timely chime in on Chris Brown, analyze Rihanna and predict the future of what their collaborations will do to young girls, I felt compelled to say something.

Instead of doing a traditional post, I decided to address the most common claims that I’ve been hearing regarding this entire unfortunate situation.

Claim: Miranda Lambert’s famous quote that seem to be echoing across the Internet world, “Where I come from, beating up on a woman is never okay.”

Rebuttal: Not only was this so obvious that she was trying nab some publicity by picking on the current media target, it was also inaccurate.  First, where Chris Brown comes from, domestic violence is not okay either, because his mother left the situation.  Chris Brown never condoned what he did.  He immediately turned himself in, admitted his wrongdoing, took his punishment and did what was necessary of him.  He also received five years probation.  Whether some think that was a harsh enough punishment or not is not the point, the point is, he suffered consequences.  Probably the biggest one being the bitterness of the public and losing a woman he loved very much.  So when did he say or show that what he did was okay?  When?  Don’t worry, I’ll wait for that answer.Also, why hasn’t Miranda Lambert ever expressed this outrage against George Jones who is much more relevant in her circle than Chris Brown?  Is he not just as known for his violence against women as his music?  Is she not aware of this?  So what makes what he did any less significant than what Chris Brown did?  I’m curious to see the fluff answer she would have for this.  All Miranda showed was that she too knows how to garner publicity for herself and jump on the bandwagon.

Claim: The Rhianna and Chris Brown collaborations is sending the wrong message to young girls.

Rebuttal: You know, this one is the one I hear the most and it reminds of a scene from the movie “The Help” when Hilly Holbrook justified her prejudices and hatred on trying to protect “the children.”I am sure there are some people out there who genuinely have this concern, but I’m not buying that most do. Children have long been used to justify why an adult does not like something.  It’s one of the easiest scapegoats out there.People are acting as if the two have gotten back in a romantic relationship.  Although it is rumored that they have, that is not yet a fact.  All the public knows is that they did two songs together.  And it’s also a matter of perspective.Why can’t the message being sent to young girls be to forgive and go on with one’s life?  Why can’t the message be to young boys that a person can turn their life around regardless of the challenge?Furthermore, how do these so-called experts know that is the message being sent?  Have any of these girls been polled? Have any of these girls been asked without it being a loaded question?  Of course if a study where to come out, I’d be skeptical due to how easily it can be manipulated and skewed to fit the results the author wants to see.Why don’t they just say what they really think, “We don’t like that you are doing what we don’t want you to do so we are going to make you feel ashamed, make you feel guilty by trying to convince you that you are hurting young girls so that you can do what we want you to do, so we can feel better.”  Besides, the public owns celebrities, right?  They are our fucking possessions and it is their job to live their lives for us and do what we think is best.  Yep, sounds like STANS to me too.And probably the even more truthful answer would be, “I really don’t care about this, but I get some media attention and this really helps to get my name out there so I’m going to pretend to be concerned about two artist who’s albums I never bought prior to this happening in the first place and I never will.”

Click Here For Part II


3 Responses

  1. Ha… Gone on Dee… Tell’em… I’m waiting for part 2… Hurry up…

  2. Dee, this mess is bogus. I don’t condone domestic violence, but I heard for years Rhianna put jet hands on him several times, does thus justify anything no, but who really knows what went on in that car that night. She wanted to be back with Chris just as bad after the incident, but it helped her career. As humans aren’t we supposed to forgive…lol..wow

  3. What I find fascinating is how the media calls him an “abuser.” As if that is who he is. You are very right, there are a lot of people who totally not certified in the field of human behavior, trying to make the public and this man hate himself.

    Human behavior is not that simple and to slap this “abuser” label on him is not only wrong, but highly inaccurate. When I looked up the criteria for an abuser on multiple sites and in some field psychology books, the definition is very well, something done habitually.

    And as you stated, STILL that does not make him what he did. He is NOT an abuser, what he did was stupid and abusive, but he is Chris Brown. That’s it. It’s up to him to decide what labels apply to him.

    This is the most rational/irrational argument I have seen in a long time. The points the media makes are dead on, but only to people who did not seek help. They are trying to paint him as if he has always done this, and he hasn’t. And the people who are going around assigning these labels and analysis to him should consider going back to school. God knows if I was going through a hard time, I would hate to go to them. Because let these psychologist tell it – I am what I did, there is no way I’m going to change, I should never be forgiven and no matter what I do, the public should hate me for the rest of my life but embrace others. This goes against the very heart of modern psychology – unless you’re trying to get on t.v. that is.

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