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“There are two types of people in the world…Creators and Destroyers”

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a movie buff.  I can talk about movies all day and when I am not talking about movies, I am probably writing or working on one.  With that being stated, any artist knows that taking the chance and putting your work out for the public to view takes a lot of courage.   Criticism has reached an all new level of viciousness with the explosion of the internet and people being able to hide behind electronically generated names.  Sometimes, the criticism of an artist can be so heinous that you would swear this person knew the artist directly.

I was watching a documentary on Showtime a couple of weeks ago called, “Heckler” and it really, really explored the psychology behind why people heckle or bully or severely criticize other people.  One of the people they interviewed was the great George Lucas himself.  And he stated that there were two types of people in the world, creators and destroyers.  And he choose to be part of the group of people who create.  That was a profound statement and helped open my eyes to all of the muddy waters of the worlds of critics.

You see, it is very easy to destroy or attempt to destroy someone’s work, but to create, to truly create – that is an entirely different monkey.   It takes passion, creativeness, and courage to put yourself on the front line and I admire anyone who has the guts to do it.  Anybody can give an opinion, a critique or judgement of your work, that does not take a lot of effort.  But not anybody can or will take the time out create something that is meaningful to them and share it with the world.

I always say if critics actually got out and made a movie, created a song, a painting, or write a book, they will be taking the chance as any other “artist” and will be subject to the same criticisms and perhaps if they did that, it may actually humble them a bit.  Either way, if you have a choice to be a creator or a destroyer, choose to create.  Creations are what last, what inspire, what motivate.  Destruction leaves nothing but faded memories, bitterness, and misery.  So which team would you rather play on?


2 Responses

  1. Dear Heart, nothing and no weapon formed against an artist will ever prevail. As an artist you have to know to trust your instincts when it comes to dealing with all and I do mean all non-artists! People who do not create are subject a thought process that leaves no room for admiring ART. Period. Oh people will give you a mouth full of their shit, thinking that somehow they are “contributing” to your artist endeavor but actually they are merely sizing you up to tear you down. If they were attuned to anything artistic they would embrace your work as representative of everything that they’d never do and that is “risk” ridicule, criticism, and/or pariah in the name of what no only appeals to them but actually touches the core of their beings. They are sheep who wonder what their future is; lamb chops. You do not lose an ounce of creativity as a result of any negative review of your work or the lack of support in the issues that matter in taking it forward. What you do is develop a sense that “I am making love with imagination and can’t no one tell me how to do it”. Find a source for mentoring, even if you never speak directly to them, they can inspire you greatly by just presenting their work where you can vision it. then imagine that they go through the very same process in developing their process and their level of success in not relative to the work that they may have put into it. Many filmographers are totally ruint because they take some thing personally. Work to become “coldblooded, thick skinned, no nonsense fuck em I gotta move” creator and allow the sheep to graze all they like. We having lamb chops for dinner!

  2. Oh! interesting take, probably the more down to earth opinion. My thoughts merge another idea from Oscar Wilde(check him out!) Where he thinks that aggregators in society are a necessity to its progression.
    Aggregators being people who aren’t satisfied with how something works, and “aggravate” others by breeding dissatisfaction to bring change.

    I hope your still following 🙂 so to tie it up, I prefer to think that aggregators are another name for “destroyers”. Final thought:

    “There may be 2 types of monkeys; creators and destroyers, but both walk hand in hand”.

    If you agree or disagree, share your thoughts

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