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Life is not a dress rehearsal…live it now!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I have written.  I have been super busy promoting Tricks.  Which inspired me to write this post.  I think the hardest thing about accomplishing any task is actually getting started.  How many times have we set in a lethargic mode just imagining how much work and little inspiration we will have when trying to accomplish something.  I know for me, I would sit and imagine how long and how laborious something was going to be and would eventually talk myself out of it.

So one remedy that I found that worked for me was just like anything else, when I am not feeling inspired – do it anyway.  Look, if you sit around waiting for inspiration to strike just to get something done, you will get very little done.  What often ends up happening is that the inspiration will kick in as you stay persistent.  Just stick to it.  Even through the times that sleeping or partying or anything else but what you need to do seems like much more fun, stick to the plan.  My father often says, “This is not the dress rehearsal.”  This is it.  This is life.  I don’t know if you get one chance at it or not, but why waste this life to find out.


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  1. True, true, true!!

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