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Do It Scared…Not Irrational

It’s amazing that one of the greatest novels and films of all time, “The Godfather”, was a story based on fear.  As a matter of fact, there would never have been a story if it wasn’t for one mistake that was made which caused a Mafia war to continue for nearly ten years – emotions and irrationality.

If you recall, Sonny got really excited when the Turk presented his idea about investing in the drug trade to Don Vito.  When Don Vito, a.k.a., “The Godfather” dismissed the Turk’s offer, Sonny, out of excitement, frustration, and blindness opened his mouth to challenge his father’s decision – in front of the Turk.  Bad idea.  A real bad idea.  So bad, that the Turk attempted to kill The Godfather and that led to an all out war with the five families.

A lot of times when we are up against the wall, cloaked in fear, we cannot think clearly.  Our thoughts become very black and white and very limited.  The smallest thing can seem like a huge mountain and it’s very hard to make decisions when hijacked by fear.

So when I say “Do It Scared” I don’t mean do it irrational.  Doing something in spite of the fear simply means that you acknowledge the fear, honor it and still make an attempt to accomplish the goal.  It means having clear data, understanding the risks involved, reducing risk as much as possible and still taking the plunge.  You still see clearly.

In an irrational state, you can become desperate and the worst time to ever make a decision is when you are irrational or desperate – you will almost always make the wrong choice.

Sonny was blinded by greed, ego and irrationality, he couldn’t see what The Godfather saw in the drug trade or in the character of the Turk.  Against his father’s council, Sonny opened his mouth, expressed interest in what the Turk was offering and the Turk knew that he had him.  And as result, a LOT of people got hurt.

The same thing is true in the real world.  How many times have you been so afraid and desperate that you just did something completely stupid?  So stupid, you wake up the next morning saying, “What the fuck have I done?”

A simple way to solve that is if you are ever feeling desperate, overwhelmed by a certain emotion and you can only think in “either/or terms” – STOP!  Don’t make a decision, because you will always regret it later.  You cannot see straight during that time, and people WILL take advantage of you.  Just choosing not to make a decision when you are desperate can save you tons of stress, money, relationships and even your life.


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