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Attention Hollywood and the Music Industry! Wake Up!

Can a 47 year old woman still chase her dream of being a pop star?  Could a full figured woman have a realistic chance at becoming a leading lady in Hollywood?  Could a person of color actually own a studio and produce their own movies on their own terms.

Each and everyone one of these stories are possible and they have happened.  My problem is, they haven’t happened enough.  What kind of industry would entertainment be if it solely gave opportunities to people based off of their talents and not looks?

Is Hollywood listening to the people?  Is the music industry listening?  The reason that Susan Boyle has become a sensation has just as much to do with her story as it does with her talent – she reflects real people who have dreams.  Real artist who have given up because they were told that they were too old, too fat, too ugly, too ethnic or whatever other degrading adjective that could added.

But the industry is disrespecting and dishonoring their own audience.  We are full of broken dreams, wrinkles, stretch marks and a host of other imperfections and the industry had better recognize that the public wants to see images of themselves or they will continue losing money and support year after year.


2 Responses

  1. I love it Dee. And I so feel you. Years ago I remember a 20/20 story on this woman in her late 40’s and full figured whose dream was to sing jazz. And she did. And she was great! But you don’t hear those stories often because the industries don’t want you to. They generate this global false image and it is sickening.

  2. the music industry is getting bigger because more and more people likes to hear new music artists and new genres ~

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