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“If they can do it…so can I!” it

I am not going to lie,  this has been a tough week.  It has tested my endurance, patience, and motivation in addition to everything I talk about on this blog.  There were days where I felt down right miserable and hopeless while trying to promote my projects and figure out what the hell the I really want.

My financial situation could be a lot better, I could definitely use more money to pay down some bills and it would be nice to do what I love doing full-time.  I could procrastinate a lot less.

This week discourage reared its ugly head and I bit.  Usually, I have tools set up to counteract it, but it completely caught me off guard this.  But it forced me to be honest with myself about some things and although I am somewhat afraid to face the music, I am going to, well…do it scared.

While I was sleeping, a mentor’s words came into my head, “If they can do it, so can you.” And those words lingered.  No, I wasn’t suddenly a burst of energy putting on my sneakers to jog up the stairs of museum and courageously jump up and down because I had done it!

As a matter of fact, more melancholy set in.  It forced me to question how I define reality and why was I so quick to believe the reality of those whose goals were not aligned with mine.  I had no extra data on them, I didn’t know how they did what they did, all I knew is that they were not happy with the results so therefore concluded that no one could accomplish the same feat because they had not.

I also wondered how many times, people wanting to do something similar read what these people had to say and then changed their minds.  My father has always told me to learn from other people’s mistakes.  And that’s something that I forgot to do this week.  I forgot to look at what they did and study why it went it wrong.  Instead, I just believed them and digested their conclusions into my own psyche without having a filter or all of the data.

In addition, I didn’t research the people who had succeeded, to study what they had done differently.  And once I finally did, I noticed a trend.  Most people who succeed do so, because they do something different.  They take chances and go against the grain.  You see, most folks stand on the side line, waiting for someone else to jump into the waters first.  If that person drowns, these people move onto another side line, if the swimmers succeed, then these people jump in right after them.  However, usually the swimmer has taken the lion’s share of whatever is in the water because the dove in first.

And the swimmers that almost drown, well, they either learn how to swim or get out of the water, re-train and dive in again, until they make it across.  That’s the difference between talkers and doers – perseverance and perspective.  Even when you can’t see how things are going to turn out, do it anyway.

If somebody else got to where you want to be – so can you. And while you are at it, hell just enjoy the ride, all the smoothness, the bumps, the dead ends and the detours, just enjoy the ride and not take this shit so personal.


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