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Don’t piss on me and tell me that it’s rain…

I had a heated debate with a close friend of mine about jobs and work.   Seems like a broad subject, huh?  Well, not really.  See, my friend is in college but has taken on two jobs to make ends meet.  This person does not have any children or a car note, they just don’t like being broke.  And I understand that.  They came from a life of poverty and now they are determined not ever go back.  However, I challenged my friend by asking, “Are you sure you ever left poverty?”   My friend didn’t understand what I meant so I broke it down.  The money that they are making on these two jobs combined still isn’t very much money to make a living on.

Yes, it will take care of the bare essentials, assuming the boat isn’t rocked too much by actually wanting to live.  The point I was trying to make to my friend is that this is the way many people live.  They settle for a quick buck and mediocrity instead of paying dues to go college, learn a trade that they are passionate about and make the mistakes to get back on the right path to success and real wealth.  Now I am not only talking about wealth in terms of money, I am speaking of wealth in the terms of options and choices.  Very few people or institutions can fuck with you when you have the power to walk away.  And when you have the power to walk away, you enjoy your work more because you are not a slave to it.

However, most employers know that we are slaves to our jobs, we are desperate, we are living paycheck to paycheck.  And they exploit the hell out of it.  Amongst employees unnecessary envy and competition brews and instead of working together, people become vultures to another.  And if that job is your bread and butter,  you will stay even though you are miserable, depressed and dread going to work.  You will go in on days that you are sick when you really need to be home resting.  You will miss birthdays, holidays, anniversaries because you have to work, otherwise, you won’t be able to pay the bills for the bare essentials.

I’ve seen so many times, a kid graduates from high school and now they want to work – I get that, I did the same.  However, what many times happens is that work takes the place of school or the time it will take to learn their passion seems too long and far away.  To them, the current paycheck is a lot of money, it symbolizes freedom, independence but what many don’t realize is – it is not.  Often times, with no education, skill or degree we are still at the bottom of the barrel.  Many entry level managers barely make more than the employees they are managing.  And if they work hard enough in 10 years, they may get that 2% raise.  Maybe they can finally take off on their children’s birthdays to actually enjoy it.  Perhaps Christmas won’t be so depressing this year because they will actually have money to spend.  Folks, I am here to tell you, that it rarely happens like that.

If you are going to work for slave wages, make sure it is for something that you are passionate about that can open some real doors in the future or make sure it is only being done to supplement your income until you master a goal, skill or complete your college education.  If you are not working for either one of these reasons, you are in poverty mode.  And unless you seriously reassess your goals, you will stay in poverty mode.  It is very easy to get discourage, become complacent when we try things and they don’t work out.  Also, if you lie to yourself and actually believe you are only going to be at the job temporarily but you are doing nothing active and aggressive to live your dream, I am hear to tell you that you too are in poverty mode.

But just like I say in virtually all of my posts, whatever you want to do – Do It Scared! Try again!  Do not settle!  There is absolutely no excuse for mediocrity.  None. And chasing a quick dollar and a slave wage job that pisses on you and tells you that it is rain is one of the highest forms of mediocrity there is – especially if you believe it!


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  1. Hey hun, great blog! I really treasure this post.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

    • Hey Dolly Face,

      I am so glad you enjoy the blog. The RSS Feed is located on the blog. Sorry for the delay.

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