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Attention Everybody! Failure University is currently accepting applications!

Hey Guys! Great news! There is a cool university that is reopening!  It has been the talk in all of the major newspapers and blogs.  The line is filling up with people who are trying to realize their goals and dreams.  It’s called Failure University.  Some of the alumni are people like Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, Tyler Perry, even Einstein!  And now they are having open enrollment.  The criteria is pretty easy to meet, all you have to do is have goal that you want to accomplish and fail at it!  And whola, you are in.

I must warn you, they do have a pretty strict curriculum, their first required course is Risks 101.  In this course you have to come up with an idea, turn it into a goal and everyday, you have to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing that is towards that goal.  It could be talking to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to, going some where you wouldn’t normally go.  Whatever, you just have to do something.  Their next required course is Mistakes 101.  In this course, you are required to make a series of mistakes for everyday that you are working towards your goal.  Oh, they have a complimentary lab that goes with this course, it’s called Write Down What You Learned From the Mistake 101.

Afterwards, you have to take Get Up 101. This course teaches you how get up, dust yourself off and keep going when you’ve taken risks and made some mistakes.  And the final course for the first semester is Do It Again 101, in this course, it basically tells you that you have to re-take Risks 101.

The tuition for this university is however much you are willing to put in to accomplish your goal.  The money, time, or sacrifice (however you choose to pay) goes towards putting the lessons together for each class.  The college warns that at the beginning of the semester, you may feel like you are just giving your money, time  or sacrifices away for nothing when you give it to Failure University, because you won’t see much of a return.  But they guarantee that once you have completed the courses as required, Failure University will pay you back ten-fold.

And I seriously doubt if they are lying, like I said Thomas Edison, Tyler Perry, Steven Spielberg, Einstein and a host of others went there and look how well they turned out!


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