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Shit Happens so plan for the future, not the results…

The other day I received some pretty distressing news.  One of my tenants (I own rental property) was moving out after 3.5 years.  It didn’t come as a complete surprise, they had slowly but surely been getting behind on their rent and I was debating about whether or not I wanted to evict them.  I decided against it because their payments had been late but consistent.  When I got this news, I became very distressed.  I had just stabilized all of my rental property, found half way decent tenants and now I get this news.

Why does it seem like for the entrepreneur, the minute something works out, something else it seems to fall out the next?  It almost seems like it’s a rite of passage for anybody who wants to succeed.  So, of course this got me thinking.  Many successful Entrepreneurs/Goal Accomplishers have reasoned their way out and about this matter.  When I was planning the campaign for my film, “Tricks”, I took every step I could to reduce my risk.  Some things worked exactly like I planned, some things did not .  One guy told me this is the negative forces trying to break me down, so that must mean I am close.  Maybe.  I had someone else tell me there is a lesson that I still haven’t learned that the Universe is trying to teach me. Perhaps.

However, I’ve just summed it up this – Shit Happens.  Plain english and plain as day.  In other words, you can plan the future, but you can’t plan the results.  And I believe this is the hardest lesson any person trying to accomplish their dream needs to learn – YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE OUTCOME!!!  Now before you go getting discouraged, just know that I am not saying completely random events will happen.  If you take a mechanical approach to something, do you due diligence,  and make some educated guesses often times, the results will turn out in your favor.

But we are Dreamers, who want to accomplish some thing big, so we can still take educated guesses to reduce our risk (which I highly recommend), but know that there still will be risk, and you honestly won’t know (unless you’re Cleo) what will happen until after you take the plunge. So just remember, the next time you are on the side line, trying to figure out what’s going to happen – know that the only way to really know is to jump in and find out.  And if things don’t turn out the way you wanted,  you still have more information that will help you until things do and just remind yourself that “Shit Happens.”


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