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Why a Polar Bear Inspired me not to give up…

Last night, I watched one of the most beautiful documentaries called, “Arctic Tale.” It’s the story about a baby polar bear and a baby walrus having to learn to survive in an every changing climate due to Global Warming.   Now, for some people, they may have taken away the obvious of message of us having to change the environment to preserve wildlife, however, what I got out of the story was much deeper.

Polar bears like most animals of the wild do not eat everyday.  It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they cannot.  They are not successful at catching prey daily.  This is why when they do eat, they eat plenty because they have to preserve their energy for days that they cannot catch food.  On average, a polar bear will lose prey 13 times for every one that she catches.  So, this got me to thinking about life – about success and loss.  It’s an old saying that when trying to accomplish anything, you will lose more times than you win.

You will get 100 no’s for every one yes.   Likewise, in the stock market, most investments don’t turn a profit, many of them lose.  But for every lost prey, every no, every lost profit – you will eventually get a yes.  And often times, the yes, the win, the profit makes up for the loss many times over.  Now of course, it doesn’t usually start off like this.  At first, many of the win’s that you get will feel mediocre and many will be – but not the lesson, and that’s what counts the most.

Like the polar bear, that loses its prey – ask yourself or reflect on what you did learn?  Did you learn how to present your idea better,  who to contact, what not to say, when to talk, when to shut up – all of the things that you wouldn’t have learned had you not lost.  Did you write the lesson down?  If not, do so.

When I first started putting the marketing plan together for “Tricks”, I probably got burned more times than a fireman.  Some things I didn’t understand, so I didn’t try.  Some people I didn’t trust, so I didn’t listen to.  And later I learned that these people were accurate with what they were telling me and I just didn’t listen.  But how did I know to listen if I had not tried something else first?    Had I just blindly gone along with what someone was telling me, then where was the lesson in that?  Even if I was successful and I won, I wouldn’t have known why, which meant that I wouldn’t be able to replicate it for the future.  My success and/or loss would be dependent on that other person.  And that’s a train I ain’t wiling to ride – for no one.

On the contrary, I did listen to some people – against my better judgement.  I paid some people – against my better judgement.  And I got burned by these people.  Yes, I lost money, but I GAINED wisdom.  Now, I know the red flags to look out for.  I know when somebody is trying to sell me fried ice cream.  I know what bullshit smells like, even when someone tries to cover it up with roses.  I learned to listen to my instincts.  Most of all, I learned to the difference between my instincts and fear.  What I lost in money, I gained in wisdom and that can never be taken away from me.

So I encourage all of you who read this, for every lost that you have had, ask yourself – what did you learn?  Notice, I never mentioned failure.  There is no such thing as failure. As in the words of Thomas Edison remember:

I have not failed,  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.


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  1. DeAara,

    Thank you for posting this. I needed to hear this as encouragement. I am working on my first cook book ever and I am coming close to the end. I am so grateful that you are a model of completion and independent learning. I appreciate you and am proud of you!

    The RV

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