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Don’t Be Afraid…I’m a snake…

A man was traveling through the woods when he realized he was lost.  He struggled to control panicking, for he knew if he didn’t figure out his way soon, he would die.  Suddenly, a long, slithering creature appeared from underneath a bush.  The man was startled and became more afraid when he could see it was a snake.

The snake quickly cracked, “Don’t be afraid, I’m a snake.  I see that you are lost in these woods and I can help you.  I am trying to get to the other side of the forest myself and I can get there quicker with you.  So why don’t we help one another?”

“But how do I know that  won’t hurt me?” the man quickly snapped back.  Annoyed, the snake said, “Look man, I’m a snake and I need to get to where I’ve to go as well or I am in bad shape.  We both need one another, so let’s work together.”  Reluctantly, the man agreed.  So he picked up the snake, thre him over his shoulder and off they went.

The snake skillfully guided the man out of the forest and as the man finally saw the familiar land, he lets out a huge sigh of relief.  As they made their way to the land, the snake suddenly bit the man, releasing poisonous venom into his body.

As the man fell on the ground dying, just an inch away from his destination, he looked at the snake and yelled, “How could you do this?  You said that we would help each other?!”   The snake looked at him, grinned and replied, “I told you I was a snake.”

Moral:  A snake is a snake is a snake.  When people show you who they are – believe them.


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