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If you always agree with everything someone else says, then one of you is unneccessary…

People who know me, know that I am real stickler of accountability.  I don’t like grudges and I like to resolve conflict quickly, openly and honestly.  Honesty is very important to me, always has been.  This doesn’t mean that I have always been truthful nor does it mean that I have never held a grudge.   As a matter of fact, I use to dread conflict to the point I would avoid the person or situation to avoid having to deal with it.  When I was teenager, this was not a big deal, as I got older, it became a problem.  When I would avoid conflict in business, the problem only got worse, it didn’t go away.  Or worse, the people I were avoiding, were left to make up their own minds and that seldom to seem to shine in my favor.

So, I made a promise with myself to face conflict head on as openly and honestly as I could.  This is one of the most important tools to being able to do in kind of business with anybody whether it be formal or with family member of friend.  Often times, a disagreement arises, both people are too afraid of the consequences to say what they are really thinking, so things are covered up, looked over, ignored.  Then one person remembers, while the other forgets.  Now they are communicating with a hidden agenda, sabotage starts and the next you know, somebody is yelling, “I knew I could never trust him/her!” or “It was something always suspicious about them.”  The deal, partnership, or agreement falls apart and worst, the relationship and the potential of what could have been all because it was not established upfront how to deal with and resolve conflict.

One of my mentors of life told me that conflict is not a bad thing when correctly done.  Different views, different opinions all being heard, welcomed, and honored can create some beautiful things.  And what is that old saying? If you always agree with everything someone else says, then one of you is unneccessary.


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