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The Dark Side of Multi-Tasking

Okay, so today I am learning a lot of interesting tibits about WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org.  I have been training on a number of other software programs in addition to doing my job and working on some other assignments I am doing outside of  both the “Tricks” project and work.  To say that I need an assistant is an under statement!  And I plan to get one, very, very soon!

People are often praised for being able to multi-task, but there is a dark side to it.  It’s tougher to focus and do the very best job that can be done.  That’s where the art of delegating comes in and many books  and case studies show people who are the most successful can delegate well.  Now granted, most of these people have money that they can pay these other people to do the job, so it’s a tough comparison when you are the little guy having to do everything yourself.  So what do you do?

One thing at a time.  Yes, it will take longer!  But starting and stopping so many times, it’s harder to get things done in a quality format (and isn’t that what counts?).  If you know people who are good at something that you need and you don’t have the money, see can you offer some thing else in exchange.  What are you good at that they may need, that you can do for them?

If you can’t find anybody reliable enough (and this happens more times than you can imagine), then focus on the bare essentials, save the “busy work” for later.


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