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You don’t have a name? So what!

As I now move the “Tricks” campaign online I have been researching a host of information.  Mainly, studying different tactics of how others in other businesses have successfully promoted and sold their products online.  You see, in the film business, especially on the independent circuit, you have to find creative, innovative ways to stand out.  And when you don’t have A) a lot of money and/or B) a lot of guidance, you essentially become a trailblazer whether you want to or not.

This brings me to my next venting point for the day:  Name Recognition.  I have been studying a lot about how other products in other markets have gotten themselves out there via the internet.  One site that has had incredible success says before you promote your product, you have to already have a name.  Boy, does this remind me of Hollywood and the chicken and the egg syndrome.

What frustrates me when I hear (or read) people say this, is that they are still ignoring or just will not acknowledge the fact that the internet is in a new frontier.  Make a name for yourself?  Well, thankfully, I am pretty well known in Memphis, TN on the independent film circuit, but not anywhere…yet.

I, like other filmmakers and artist, don’t have the resources and the budgets to go from city to city in hopes of creating that name, especially when there is something like the internet that can cut that time down drastically.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe in personal contact.  I believe too often people hide behind the internet and it can promote laziness and lethargy if one let’s it.

However, for those of us who are ambitious, motivated, determined, and leaders with entrepreneurship in every ounce of our blood, the internet and Web 2.0 is a Godsend.  No longer do we have to wait for big distributors (if you are a movie maker), big producers (if you are an actor) big publishers (if you are a book author), big labels (if you are a musician) or big anything to give us a break, because for the first time, we can reach the people directly!  Not only that, we can reach the media directly too and with a little time, education, effort, and finesse, it’s not that hard.

And what makes Web 2.0 even better?  If we get ignored by mainstream press, there are a ton of alternatives.  We don’t have to wait on them.  And we can BUILD OUR NAMES on the internet!  This has never been available like this before.  And I say we should milk it for everything it’s worth.  So what do you want to promote?


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