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Let Go of the Ego and Move on!!!

The “Tricks” DVD Release Party went very well.  We had a very nice turnout!  And as always, I learned a lot.  What works and what doesn’t work.  What I found out is more people responded from the internet than they did from T.V. ads.  Now the T.V. ads did increase my profile slightly, but not in terms of cash for cash.  Now I could go back and forth to try to determine what we could have done better (and there were some things we could improve on), but mostly I think we did everything we could possibly have done.

Now it’s time for me to put my words into action.  My fiance has a saying, “Those who lending a helping word, can they also lend a helping hand.”  (Although he said it much more explicit than that, lol).  And this taught me that I have to careful who I express my vulnerability to.  Because I realize that everybody does not want to see me succeed.  And that too, I will not focus on, because if I did, that would only be serving my ego.  And ego’s as we know, are fragile enough with any help from us.


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