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I’ve Failed Just as Much as I’ve Succeeded…

Over the past few months as I have prepared for the DVD release of “Tricks” I’ve gone through a lot.  I’ve been bured by a publicist, ignored by some journalist while embraced by others.  A ‘distributor” whom I almost considered a friend left me hanging and there have been nights I laid awake wondering what was going to happen. How this thing would play out.  That drove me damn near mad.  The bills were piling up, hardly no money was coming in and every time I looked for answers, I consistently found nothing but negative feedback.

When I wanted to advertise, I sought advice and was told advertising didn’t work.  When I went looking for a publicist, I was told publicity isn’t guaranteed and almost impossible to get on a national level.  When I decided I would do social media marketing, I was told  that, it doesn’t work either because people are in a different mindset when they socialize.

So as you can imagine, I was like, “Fuck! What does work?!”  And that’s where I stayed for a while, frozen, too afraid to make a move.  And the little money that I had begin to disappear even more.  And that’s when I realized, money kept circulating when I was actually moving, not being static.  Even when I made mistakes, I was moving, in motion.  And for every mistake I made, I did a couple of other things right.

So I keep thinking about Jerry McGuire, when the commentator says, “I’ve failed just as much as I’ve succeeded.”  And that has always stuck with me.  When I look at other entrepreneurs, that’s one thing I realize – that I have failed as much as I have succeeded.  And I will continue to fail just as much as I succeed, but when I do hit, that hit will be huge and make up for every time I have lost.  Looking at it from that angle kind of makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.


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  1. in life i have failed as much i succeeded, just watch the movie, these words mad me worm from inside also.

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