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To Hell with Naysayers!!!

As I sit up this morning unable to go back to sleep because I have bills on the brain, I reflect over this past weekend and how inspiring it was.  “Tricks” premiered at the Hatiloo Theatre this past weekend to a sold-out audience, standing room only.  To say I was humbled is an understatement.  90% of the people in there were new faces and this renewed the lagging confidence in my project.

I have housed myself in a bubble for so long while working on this project, I forgot what the real world was like and how much I enjoyed meeting new people.  It also taught me that what I “think” is going to happen and how I will feel are usually pretty different from what will happen and how I will feel.

See, a lot of things I didn’t do because I figured it would be a waste of time.  When I read that Facebook was not proven to drive online traffic offline to an event, I almost didn’t bother to do it.  I was almost content with spending money on flyers and what not (even though I don’t how effective those are either).  But out of lack of time and desperation, I put up a Facebook Invite to the “Tricks” premiere at the Hatiloo.  And to my surprise, it spread like a virus.

The majority of people that heard about the film, heard about either on Facebook or with an email that was sent out by the theatre company.  That generated the word of mouth.

I truly believe in online promotions now, this event has confirmed it for me.  And this is somewhat personal to me because the last “distributor” I was burned by was in the stone ages when it came to promotions.  All he knew were overnight t.v. ads on Fox and flyers.  When I tried to tell him about these other methods, he tried to embrace them, but he couldn’t get past his old way of thinking.  I am so glad that didn’t work out.  His lack of vision and talent would have killed this project.

Until we meet again…


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