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Michael Jackson was like a big brother to me…

When I learned of Michael Jackson’s death yesterday, I was completely and utterly shocked, devastated, confused, and angry.  My sister called me in tears.  I had to hang  up the phone,  I was on the verge of breaking down.  After I left work, I went over to my sister’s to comfort her and our friends came over as well to celebrate Michael Jackson’s legacy.  I had braced myself for the criticism of some people wondering why we were mourning so deeply over a pop star.  But surprisingly, it never really came.  My friends had expressed that they received that sort of feedback on a minimum level too.

Older women whom I thought would not relate, were equally as sad as I was.  When I called my best friend, she really didn’t feel like talking.  Finally when my mother called me, I braced myself for what she going to say.  I was worried that she wouldn’t understand why we were so hurt, but she just said it and I couldn’t have said it any plainer, “He was like a big brother to you all, huh?”  she gently asked.  And all I could say was, “Yeah.”

More than album sales, dance videos, or merchandise, it was Michael Jackson’s genuine spirit that touched me the most.  The fact that he used his celebrity to give a voice to people who otherwise would not be heard and the fact that he genuinely cared for children.  He was looking to fill a void, I got that. I saw that. I honored that.  And I really hate that he didn’t see how truly beautiful he was.  Like many millions of other people – I will carry the torch for Michael’s legacy.  And I pray that he has finally found the peace in death that he was searching for in life.


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