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How Assholes and Real Estate made me a better business woman…

As I prepare for my “Tricks” two questions that have haunted me have been, “Should I give up Real Estate and go after this full throttle?”  and my other question has been, “If I do, how?”

These two questions led me on a journey over a course of one year and I made a decision that really didn’t feel too much like a choice.  I decided to put Real Estate on hold, actually to let it go for a while.  I still have my rental property which I manage (I will be turning that over to somebody else soon too) but I had to make a decision.  See, I got into Real Estate to help me make enough money to support my Acting, Writing and Filmmaking career, and it did lend a lot of help.  But it also took me further off my path than what I wanted to go.

However, I did learn a lot.  Mainly about people, negotiations and how I show up when dealing with both.  For example, one of the first signs that I was getting “burned” by a publicist (Charmaine Chapman at BTB Communications) was that she quit returning my phone calls.  I realized this within days of her failed communication and I was right. I never would have known she was bullshitting me had I not been in real estate and dealt with the same thing from contractors and home sellers.

The same thing rang true when I dealt with a guy who had a distribution deal set up with Sony Red.  We talked ongoing for three months, and then suddenly after we signed a contract, he stopped calling.  Maybe it was because I was very clear in what I would and would not agree to.  I also learned that lesson in real estate, that it doesn’t pay to be nice.  Scum, like the two people I mentioned above, can smell it out and will prey on people they believe they can.   But what I’ve learned more than anything, is that to always be willing to walk away.   Desperation seldomly gets you what you want.


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