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Would You Work for Free? Then why ask a Filmmaker to do it?

I recently did an interview with FoxNews.com about the effects that the recession is having on the Hollywood Box Office.  We talked quite in depth about the state of independent films and this conversation got me to thinking about what can I do as a consumer and as an independent filmmaker to support more.  One thing I don’t do is buy bootleg, because it’s taking away from a producer, director, writer, actor and their families.

When people try to challenge me on this and say they don’t have any money to buy the real DVD or go to the movies, I ask them,  “Then why don’t you work for free? Or take a 75% pay cut?” They then look at me as if I have lost my mind.  And that is when I tell them, when you buy a bootleg DVD or download it for free online that’s basically what you are doing to a filmmaker.  You are asking them to put their blood, sweat and tears into their work and just give it to you for free.

Filmmakers and producers, especially independent filmmakers and producers depend on that income to live and to make their next project.  If a person’s boss came in and told them they were no longer going to pay them for the work that they did because it costs too much, I think “going postal” would triple in America.  So why ask a filmmaker to do the same thing?  Some thing to think about.


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