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Why God doesn’t have time for wimps…

I was reading an article on AOL that really put survival into perspective.  I think the same ways that people have survived against all odds is the same way people accomplish their goals against all odds.  One woman and her relative were stranded at sea for days with some other people that she didn’t know that well.   When the other men start having an emotional breakdown and going “crazy”, the woman and her relative made the a conscious decision to distance themselves from these men and focus her energy on survival.

The men, of course, panic, drank salt water because they were dehydrated and jumped in the water out of desperation and got devoured by sharks.  Now if that is not an open and shut case about what happens when we let our emotions dictate our behaviors, I don’t know what is.

A doctor who wrote a book on survival said what separates survivors from everyone is,  “They’re not whiners who are always complaining about the bad things that are happening to them and expecting to get rescued.”  He is speaking of in extreme circumstances when your life may be on line.  But I think we all can agree that this same philosophy applies to everyday life.

Me personally, I don’t think God, The Universe, Energy or whatever you call it has time for wimps and crybabies.  It’s too much to do, too much see, and too much living to do.  Now, I just have to better practice the philosophy I have just preached, right?


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